Saturday, June 10, 2006

ALL ABOUT ME ~reprise~

hmmm... i just said on my previous entry na i've learned a lot na din from my previous experiences... at least i thought i have already learned my lessons. hehehe.. but just a very short while ago, what i realized was it's not that easy to do things such as those things that i've said. uhmmm.. like using your head a bit more... i thought i already did and that it would at laast save my ass from being hurt... pero bakit ganon... di na nga nag-expect, gumamit na ng utak.. masakit pa rin. does it mean that i'm just concealing my true feelings just like a defense mechanism? i think it's getting clearer na ganon nga.. kase i was still hurt although at least not that much but the point is, im still hurt which defeats the purpose of why im doing something like a "change of attack or tactics." Sabi ko nga im protecting myself from getting hurt pero first line of defende pa lang.. tinamaan kagad ako... hahaay.. ang gulo ng mundo.. lolz... sabi naman ng friend ko it takes time daw and at least this time, ginamit ko daw utak ko at least sa pag-aakala ko.. and i know what he implies... well.. sana nga... pero like i've said on the original version, i'm not chaing the way that i follow my emotions more but this time, un nga, i need to use a little bit more of my head. kumbaga, be rational pa rin kahit na intense ang feelings... tsk..

ang masasabi ko nalang.. tuloy ko lang muna ung bago kong tactics and i'll be a little bit more apprehensive and the most important of them all, BAHALA NA SI BATMAN.. lolz ..


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