Thursday, May 11, 2006


just yesterday, i had my first minor operation(except of course when i was circumsized which i don't like to think as an operation although technically it is.... hehe) at makati medical center scheduled at 4:00pm... i had to drop by my bestfriend's girlfriend working at Philam Life Tower. I was in Philam at around 3:30 and left there at 3:45. My plan was just to walk my way from Philam to Makati Med but unexpectedly, it suddenly rained so i just took a cab to Makati Med. I was in Makati Med by 4:05 and went straight to the Operating Room as pre-instructed to me 2 days ago when i had a checkup. I was accomodated by the OR desk at around 4:10 and had me fill out a form before the operation. After that, they had me change my clothes to a hospital gown and had me takeoff everything except for my undies of course.. after that, they brought me to the room where i'd be operated. The assisting doctor, Dr.Santos, accompanied me there, where she together with a lady nurse had me lie on the bed. Dr. Santos was a beautiful doctor and she was really so nice that she talked to me once in awhile maybe just to calm me or take my tension away. The truth is, i wasnt really that nervous or tensed. I just felt a bit since it was my first time. Next thing the lady doctor did was to clean the area that needs excision and they like tied me on the bed and covered my whole body except for my... **bleep** .. lolz.. anyways.. it was a small lump of mass slightly behind and below my left ear.. hehe.. so as i was saying, it was only that part that was left exposed. I think it was 4:40pm when i last glanced at the wall clock and a few seconds later, I already heard my doctor arrive and was talking about the procedure. Dr. Pat Guzman started talkng to me and said that he would inject the anaesthesia already and it would be a bit painful... but actually, it wasnt... hehe... the next thing i knew, they were suctioning "it" already and I was singing "mass songs" in my mind to relax myself.. hehehe.. it didnt really take that long but there was some part of the operation that was a bit painful and i think i felt they had to "anaesthesize" me again. And it was only through the end of the procedure, when i heard Dr. Santos asking the nurse to cut the thread that i learned that they had made a small cut in my skin before the suction and needed stitches. And i was like thinking, "di naman pala masakit kahit may stitches... hehe," and i was so proud of myself. hehehe... Then, everything was taken off of me and they had to make the bandage exaggeratedly big since the doctor said that i'm a bleeder(i already thought i was but only emotionally... haha.. cheesy...)... and they even had to prescribe me a medicine to slacken(tama ba ung word for the sentence.. lolz) the bleeding... I put my clothes back on again, got my prescriptions from Dr. Santos and then I walked out of the hospital with my chin up.. (kahit may malaking bandage from the lower part of my ear to my chin).. hehehe...

and this is the story on how i got devirginized.. lolz


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