Monday, May 15, 2006

Senti muna... guys comments naman please...

i've been thinking about this matter for a lifetime now... up to this point, di ko alam ang sagot... guys... i need your comments on this one...

there are times that we complain or feel sorry for ourselves when we fall in love at the wrong time, or with the wrong person... sometell us to fight for what we feel or for the person that we have a strong feelings for... but having experienced it before, i would say it's still easier said than done.. but it's an entirely different topic..

now.... what if you THINK that the right person is right there in front of you... a very ideal kind of person... goodlooking/attractive, understanding, kind and nice, sweet, intelligent, loyal and faihtful and most of all, that person admires/loves you so much... damn... would you let the person pass by just like that? or would you think hard or be wise enough to decide on what should be better for you at the present?

the catch: you do not have strong feelings for him/her despite the fact that the person is one in a million... or it could also be that you do not have any feelings for the person at all...

what would you do and how would you do it?

comments please... thanks po.. =)


Blogger kim_jiyoun said...

you know sometimes, the ideal ones are not the ones intended for us to end up with. sure they are ideal, but isn't it that even if the person is not the ideal person, as long as the feeling is there and you love her, she becomes the ideal person for you. don't force yourself to be in a relationship just because she's the ideal one.

3:19 PM  
Blogger CLUELESS said...

sometimes, looks can be very deceiving.. oo nga't kala mo asa kanya na lahat, pwede rin palang front lang nya yun.. hindi masamang mag-ingat at pag-isipan muna nang maayos ang mga gagawing desisyon..

also as kim_jiyoun said, hindi porke ideal, syo na.. ideal malamang para sa iba, pero para syo, hindi..

mahirap din if you don't have strong enough feelings for her.. baka nadadala ka lang sa pagiging "ideal" niya..

if you're asking me if you should pass her up, it will all depend on you.. what have you decided?? and are your reasons enough to back your decision up?? i guess, taking time to think about everything will help you clear your mind..

4:25 PM  
Blogger ski said...

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