Wednesday, April 26, 2006


i'm really upset since i was really excited about having created my new account at entry was imported from my blogger account..) but since im creating my entries here in the office, i'd have to use a proxy or anonimizer just to enter I thought everything should be ok after that but I was really so disapppointed to learn that I won't be able to create an entry while using an anonimizer... Grrr.. It was just good that I still have my blogger account and I can continue creating my post here(blogger) then have it transferred to my multiply account. Mejo confusing but for my next entries, i'll just create my entries as usual.. =)

Anyways, just because of this, i was thinking if i should buy a laptop pc cuz all my personal files are saved here in my workstation plus the most usual thing that I do during my off is going online and everytime I go online during an off, I'd have to rent a PC at a net cafe. Sabi nga ng isang friend ko, sa laki ng nagagastos ko renting out sa netcafe, it should have been enuf to buy a second hand laptop pc.. hehe... ayun.. so what i plan right now is to look for an inexpensive, brand new lap top pc na ok ung specs.. im not that techie kase kaya im asking the help of my friends din to help me. hmmm.. pede din second hand pero kelangan na recommended by an expert or kilala ko ung nagbenta... no definite price range in mind yet pero as i've said, i prefer a brand new na di masyadong mahal pero good buy... ayun.. =)


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