Sunday, April 30, 2006

old but new...

Just today i was so excited to chat with pj, my best bud back in college. He's back in LA after his homecoming last Feb... Now, what was the reason for being excited? hmmm... at long last, he's sent me some of our pics when he came home... Some of them are the pics i was waiting for decades now which are the pics taken from Galera last Feb. Even though he wasnt able to send me all the pics, i was just equally thrilled to see them since i was really waiting for sheila(pj's girl) to bring the cd of those pics here in makati but for some reason, our schedules don't meet. hmmm.. anyways... if u wanna see the pics im talking about, check 'em out in my gallery... and you'll meet my college best buds... we were actually known as the F4... and the story continues... =)


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