Friday, April 28, 2006

Eight below

it's 3:06am, April 28, still at work while im creating this entry... =)

Kanina or should i say kagabi, i watched a movie with two of my friends na di ko na nakaksama. we watched "eight below" kase i was with two dog-lovers at gusto talga nila mapanood yung movie and somehow, kahit di ako ganon ka-dog-lover, i enjoyed the movie naman. May part dun na muntik na talaga ako maiyak because something happened which i wont be revealing at this point para di ko ma-spoil yung mga manonood pa pag sinabi ko ung nangyari. Hmmm... ok nman yung movie somehow except for some parts na mejo boring. Right after the movie, i was about to go to work na for my rest day - overtime... haaay... kelngan eh... on my way to mrt ayala station, i passed by bread talk at G4 and i checked the breads and pastries there then decided to buy a couple... hehe.. i also bought something at mcdonald's for dinner then i went straight to the office na.. grabe... i should be resting or nasa gimik at this time pero i chose to be here in the office to work(as if i have a choice.. hehe..) ... ayun... im just waiting for 6am para makauwi na... im going out again later this afternoon.. =) and i'll be sleeping the entire day... **hikab**


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