Sunday, April 30, 2006

bakit f4?

jologs na kung jologs but my barkada back in college was known as F4. hmmm... not only because apat na lalaki kame at isang chinese(half) na babae, and also sikat na boyband sila, but for other reasons which are a bit more significant naman... hehe... of course it was the time when f4 is a big hit in the Philippines through their series, Meteor Garden. My barkada is composed of PJ, Erik, Jayson, Chao, and me, and then sheila later on. PJ, my best bud, is the only son of one of our Universities VP's... a very nice and cool friend but he's a brat at times (sorry pj.. hehe). Erik is my bestfriend and known to be the chickboy(not chick/boy.. lolz) of the group. Jayson is the happy-go-lucky type and is very bubbly. Chao, whom we used to call San Xiao, is half Chinese and the only girl in the group, and since highschool(she's my classmate in highschool too), she was being tagged as "one of the boys" type of girl(may pagka-maton din). Sheila is the silent type but when you get to know her, you will realize that she's also cool and also has her wild side. Sheila came to the picture when she became PJ's girlfriend and it was right on time when the season 2 of meteor garden started which introduced another love interest for the lead actor in the series... And lastly, ako... hmmm actually ako lang walang matching character don, pero when i was in college(at least) a lot of people said i looked like one of the characters from the series(F4... hehehe...). And matching my friends characters from the lead cast, just see who remained and he was my counterpart in the group.. **grin** Each of us has a character matching to the characters of F4 in Meteor Garden(except for me i think.. )... aside from the fact that we are all goodlooking guys... hahahaha... (sabi nga nila, love your own)... i should say we're pretty much known in the university as well since we're performers and we were able to establish a fan-base(?)... naaah... heheh.. we made a name and i'd say that we get respected as well. But in contrast, we're no bullies and badboys because all of us are friendly and loved..(lakas... hahaha).

ano pa ba? uhhhmmm... if u wanna know who the character from the series that they insisted(what a word.. hahaha)to look like me, let's discuss it here.. hehe.. post lang kayo ng comments nyo... it was just good na any of these guys do not have multiply account... hahaha... but seriously( .. =D ) ... the information i just shared are all based on facts and are not just created by my wild imagination... hehehe


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