Monday, October 16, 2006

What if and How would u feel if.. if you're still bitter?

WARNING: This entry is cheesy so for those who doesnt want to talk or read about love, BACK OFF! please.. **wink**

please just read this conversation of JOEVHEL and a guy that i'll hide as JJ.. lolz.. names will be bleeped to keep those persons' privacy... ok?

JJ : grabe joevhel
JJ : niligawan ata ni *bleep* si *bleep* ... sakit.. pramis.. but di nako masama loob kay *bleep*...

You have just sent a Nudge!

JOEVHEL: oh eh ano nmn ngun
JOEVHEL: eh hndi naman kayo ni *bleep*
JOEVHEL: d rin nmn kayo ni *bleep*
JJ: napaka-numb naman ng reply mo..
JOEVHEL: eh ganun tlga noh
JOEVHEL: tska isa pa
JJ: parang di ka kaibigan
JOEVHEL : ikw n rin ang ngsbi n may mahal k ng iba
JOEVHEL : cnsbhan lng kta
JOEVHEL : un ang icpin mo
JJ: meron na but im still hurt.. alam mo naman bitter pako kay *bleep*
JOEVHEL : kaya ka kc nsasaktan, kc d k p ngmomove on
JJ: which means i ve not moved on totally yet
JOEVHEL : u keep on saying n ngmoved on ka na
JOEVHEL : pero tingin ko sau
JOEVHEL : hndi pa
JJ: kaksabi ko lang eh
JOEVHEL : kaya nga
JOEVHEL hahaha
JJ: sabi ko nga di pako nagmove on
JJ: sabi ko lang may mahal nako iba
JJ: and that's possible naman
JJ: ang sakit lang...
JJ .: *bleep* made me fall so hard for him.. i didnt intend to... and then he hurt me.. and it was a really very bad and hard fall...
JJ: i still have bruises of it up to this moment as we speak..
JOEVHEL : kaw nmn jj
JOEVHEL: ang hirap nmn sau
JOEVHEL: d k n ntuto
JJ: u should feel how hurt i am
JOEVHEL: actually, wla ka dpt sisihin kundi srili mo rin
JOEVHEL : kelan k b matututo
JJ: marami lumalabas sa isip ko na ganitong salita na di ko palagi sinasabi
JOEVHEL : knowing u, mkakamove on ka rin
JOEVHEL : kaw pa
JJ: pain is consuming but i need to be strong
JOEVHEL : uu nmn noh
JOEVHEL : kaw pa
JJ: im trying to heal...

This is about a very good friend and a past someone that has hurt me (not implying that he intended to hurt me though..) that is getting along very well. I don't want to get sympathy or anything of similar sort... I just want to get different perspectives and views about this. How would u feel if someone from your past that you haven't really had a good ending with comes back but now to woo a very close friend of yours? Because honestly... Damn! it really hurt my ego... sa dami-daming tao ba naman, bakit kaibigan ko pa.. haaaayz.. but that's life.. ehehe..


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