Tuesday, June 14, 2005

eto...kanta ko nga din pala sa kanya...

You are my song

You are the song playing so softly in my heart
I reach for you, you seem so near yet so far
I hope and I pray you'll be with me someday
I know down inside you are mine and I'm your true love
Or am I dreaming?

How can I each time I try you say goodbye
You are there you look my way I touch the sky
We can share tomorrow and forever more
I'll be there to love you so
You are my song

I know for sure that we were meant to fall in love
I look in your eyes I know what you're thinkin of
I try not to say, the words might just scare you away
I know down inside you are mine
And I'm your true love, please no more dreaming


Baby we can make it till forever
And i know that we can make it through
With you in my heart, in my soul,
you're my love, you're my song

You are my song...


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